The motivation behind starting this blog was simple. I wanted to create a forum for people like me. By that I mean, folks who have a manic fascination with putting delicious things in their mouths. Most use the terms “foodie” or “epicure” to label people like us. Essentially, these terms describe someone who is highly enthusiastic about eating and exploring the world of food. That’s just generally speaking…

Then there are foodie extremists, like myself, whose mental state is literally governed by the compulsive thoughts of what I’m going to eat next. As a friend of mine once noted, “Nia doesn’t just eat her food, she fornicates with it.”

Unapologetically so, might I add.

As one could imagine, my obsession with food is what led me to pursue a career in the culinary industry. As a chef, I could get high off my own supply and call it “work study.” What could be a sweeter deal?

The love we share (Food & I) is uniquely passionate, similar to the relationships I’ve had with men over the years. This romance, however, has proven to be an unbreakable bond that’s only intensified over time. I can’t remember any of my exes’ birthdates or our anniversaries off hand. But I can undeniably remember the most orgasmic lamb dushenina that I’ve ever tasted, from a clandestine little Ukrainian restaurant in NYC’s East Village five years ago, like it was yesterday.

Sure, the noises and facial expressions I make when eating something really good are borderline inappropriate for most settings. Not even when sitting in traffic, apparently. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught the person driving next to me staring with a look of disbelief (or maybe it was disgust) as I practically swallowed a massive steak burrito whole, at times forgetting to breathe in between bites. I’ve stopped at a frozen yogurt shop mid-jog, unable to ignore the sign in the window advertising their new flavors. Shamelessly dripping sweat, I helped myself to several samples of red velvet & toasted pumpkin, then continued on my run as if nothing happened. On social media, I follow more cooking blogs, restaurants, chefs and food critics than people I actually know. And unlike women, I’m never indecisive about where I want to eat. Even if it’s a place I’ve never been to, chances are I’ve already checked out their menu online and know what I’m going to order well before being seated. Most people see this behavior as abnormal or over the top, but I know my fellow foodies can relate.

I understand that most people just eat for the sole purpose of fueling their bodies because as humans we have to. They aren’t actually keen on relishing in the moment, because to them “it’s just food.” I usually don’t get along with those kinds of people. You know…those who just put food in their mouths and swallow it. No feelings evoked, no thrill seeking whatsoever.

But foodies (like us) intentionally bask in the act. When we eat, all of our senses are fully charged and active. The textures, flavors, and aromatics of what touches our taste buds actually matter because they all have a profound role in the experience itself. And there is a 99% chance that we’re going to pull out our phones at a restaurant and photograph a beautifully plated dish before we feast because, yes, preserving the memory IS THAT SERIOUS.

In all, this blog is dedicated to die-hard foodies and those newcomers who wish to explore and connect with food in a deeper realm. Some of these recipes are simple, and others offer a little more complexity. But all of them are guaranteed to be soul-stirringly delicious. Rest assured that if I’ve posted it on here, your significant other or family members will probably offer to wash the dishes afterward. Yeah, these dishes are that good.

My goal is to articulate the steps of each recipe in a way that’s comprehensive to even the most inexperienced of cooks. Because one thing I’ve learned, even as a working chef, is this….

Cooking is NOT rocket science! It’s not supposed to be confusing or stressful; it’s supposed to be fun! If you can read and follow directions, you can make pretty much anything like the pros. The key ingredients that every dish must contain are concentration and patience. If you happen to screw up, the world won’t stop spinning…nobody’s going to die. I’ve actually perfected many of my signature recipes by making countless errors. Sometimes the best way to learn how something works is to first identify how it doesn’t.

Lastly, I know that there are two types of foodies. The “no-limitation” kind and the “health-conscious.” This blog, per say, is not centered around calorie counting. Many of the recipes might insist on spoonsful of butter, frying things, mounds of cheese, various starches and one of my greatest loves…pork bacon. But on the flip side, I must admit that I do try to watch my weight a little more these days (emphasis on try). Still, the select recipes that teeter more to the healthy-er side won’t taste any less savory than the guilty pleasures. Sacrificing flavor is just not an option in my book, nor is it required to maintain a slim waistline.

With all that said, here’s to you and your cookin’ endeavors! May these recipes electrify your taste buds as they did mine, and more importantly, inspire you to chef it up at home more often. If you create something you’ve found here, taste it and say “damn, that’s good!” then I’ve done my job. That’s all a girl could as for!

Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions, critiques or recipe reviews. I look forward to your feedback!

Good luck and happy eating!


The Real Nia Moore

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