Crispy Rice Tuna

One of my absolute favorite sushi night starters, besides garlic edamame with truffle oil, is without a doubt crispy rice tuna. If it’s on the menu, It’s nearly impossible for me to skip out on. I’ve been procrastinating for the longest about making it at home and finally got around to it this weekend. First and foremost, this is one of those dishes that you’d have to try really hard to screw up. It’s so easy and fun to make, and you can refrigerate the cooked rice for a while should you wish to make it again later in the week. In a nutshell, its sushi rice (you must purchase “sushi rice” only) that is molded and cut into squares, then fried in canola or vegetable oil til golden brown. You can top it with whatever you desire I assume, but the most popular additions include minced raw tuna mixed with mayo & sriracha, avocado, roe, jalapeƱos or any other garnish you fancy. Make sure you follow the cooking instructions precisely as advised on the bag of sushi rice you purchase, then be prepared to let the rice refrigerate for at least a couple hours while it cools/molds. As well, be cautious when frying the rice in the oil as there is water content in the rice molds. I got popped in the face with hot grease a few times before I realized I shouldn’t stand so close to the stove. So here’s what you’ll need!

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