Coconut Beer Battered Fish Tacos w/ Mango-Avocado Salsa


I’ve always been a fanatic about beer battered fish and chicken strips. I’m just going to admit right now that I still sometimes sneak off to the hood to find a Captain D’s to get my fish n’ chips fix. Just two days ago I was in the parking lot of the Captain D’s on Metropolitan Parkway, bobbing my head to Cardi B’s new album while dousing crispy-crunchy strips of fried cod in malt vinegar…unapologetically.

I’ve found really good England-style (where it originated) beer battered fish at local dive bars and restaurants around the country as well. The airy crunchy breading wrapped around warm flaky fish is a textural phenomenon for me. Which is why it’s hard for me not to order it whenever I notice it on a menu. Similarly, I feel the same way about coconut shrimp.

And so, a random daydream about two of my favorite things–coconut shrimp and beer battered fish–is what inspired this recipe. Believe it or not, I hadn’t yet attempted to make beer battered anything before in all my days of cooking. Sure, I’ve fried up everything from chicken to Oreos, but never poured a beer into any of those mixing bowls.

I had a really good feeling about adding shredded sweetened coconut would enhance the batter and I was right. And since I decided to use a dark Mexican beer (Modelo) for the batter, I declared this a good reason to make some tacos. If you want to experience the incredibly orgasmic meal that you see in my photos, then you’ll need to dress your tacos with an easy to make baja cream sauce, mango-avocado salsa and some pickled jalapenos. Listen….you have to try these with the Baja sauce and pickled jalapenos at the minimum! You’ll thank me later.

And just to save you some time walking the isles in the market, pickled jalapenos are usually easily found in the section designated for Mexican ingredients/foods. It comes in a small can or jar if it’s pickled. Anyways, this recipe is officially my favorite, at least for this month. Oh…and it’s a perfect excuse to crack open a Corona!

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