Nutella Stuffed French Toast

To say I have an obsession with Nutella is merely an understatement. The only thing more orgasmic than soaking lobster meat in warm drawn butter is submerging strawberries in thick, velvety chocolate. And I convinced myself that eating heaping spoonfuls of Nutella right out the jar is ok because it’s (technically) not chocolate, but hazelnut spread. Then again, I’ll tell myself anything if it makes me feel like less of a total fatass.

The first time I experienced Nutella stuffed French toast was at the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas two summers ago. I’ve enjoyed many things in life. But lying naked in bed while eating breakfast (at noon) that feels more like dessert is without question one of my favorite pastimes. I’ve had many kinds of french toast in my days, but their’s was the epitome of decadence. Slices of thick French brioche bread conjoined with globs of melting Nutella seeping out from every side, topped with powdered sugar, whipped cream, fresh berries and warm maple syrup. After an experience like this one, it’s pretty damn hard to enjoy the basic traditional kind. So whenever a brunch party or special occasion calls for French toast, it’s a no-brainer that I’m doing it this way. Go big or go home!

Although decadent, this recipe is as uncomplicated as making a bowl of cereal…an 8-year-old can manage. The key is to make sure that you are using thick slices of authentic brioche bread, most others are not sturdy enough to withstand the moisture from the eggs and other ingredients. The egg wash, which you simply dip the bread in right before it hit’s the frying pan, consist of eggs, a little milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg whisked together (as does classic French toast.)
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The fun part, as you would imagine, is knifing through the middle of the thick crust, exposing the melted Nutella and watching it ooze out. Because the Nutella itself is so rich, if you forgot maple syrup you wouldn’t even notice. And you don’t necessarily have to add the whipped cream or the powdered sugar, but why deprive yourself of experiencing total ecstasy? The fresh berries are a must, however, because well, Strawberries and Nutella alone are a classic mainstay.

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