Stuffed Bird Vol. 1

This recipe just sort of happened on a whim last week. Originally, the plan was to make traditional tomato-basil-mozzarella stuffed chicken. Usually, I just pack a couple chicken breasts with slices of beefsteak tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and a few fresh basil leaves. But while I was compiling my grocery list, I saw a commercial advertising sun-dried tomatoes and got to thinking.

I sometimes used the sun-dried kind in various pasta dishes and omelets. The ones that come packed in oil are flavorful and tender, so I figured they would work as a unique alternative to fresh tomatoes. A few minutes later I heard mention of Muenster cheese on a cooking show. Like mozzarella, it’s smooth, creamy and melts wonderfully.  Why not use a bit of both? I could literally visualize the piping-hot stretchy white cheese oozing out the sides as my knife cut into the chicken.  And to shake things up even further, I decided to stuff the breasts with a layer of spinach instead of basil leaves. I did, however, still opt for dried basil, which I just sprinkled in with the seasonings. What came out of it was pretty damn impressive.FullSizeRender (7)If you ask me, this dish is aperfect for a nice romantic dinner at home. I found it to be quite filling, and the layers of different flavors blend together naturally. At times, the flavor profile reminded me of chicken parmesean…but without the heavy marinara and breading. I suggest paring it with potatoes, like creamy mash or a loaded baked potatoes. Or pasta with a cream, lemon-butter or tomato sauce would also go well with it.

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